Baby’s second accident happened on Saturday morning. I had her room all set up for her Valentine card photoshoot. I had to unplug her wipes warmer so that I would not have a cord interrupting the shot. I wrapped the cord around her diaper pail so that it was out of the way. The shoot went off without a hitch, we took 32 pictures in 1 minute and got the shot (my baby is a pro by now, lol). She was full of smiles so she made it really easy! When picture taking time was over, I put her on the floor to play. My friend Lauren, who was visiting from out of town made a comment about Everly’s pink chair and then attempted to sit in it… she placed her butt in the chair only to notice that it was a little snug, and fair enough, this is a child’s chair. I boasted to her that my butt fits in the chair (just couldn’t keep my boastful mouth shut). She called fib and so I sat in there to show her. 

While I was sitting in the chair (oh yes, my butt fit, ha ha) and we were discussing our respective butt sizes, Everly screamed and started to cry. I saw right away that she had the cord from the wipes warmer in her hand (which I had thought I hid). I immediately put two and two together and felt like the worst mother around. My baby had shocked herself while I was comparing the size of my butt to that of one of my girlfriends- are you kidding me? I scooped Everly up and gave her cuddles, which did not work, she continued to cry. So I sat down and nursed her, I gave her food to soothe my guilt, oh yes I did. Everly started suckling, but she was still making whimpering noises and I still felt like garbage. 

My mind started racing, thinking of all of the possible injuries that she could have due to my carelessness- a burnt tongue, brain damage- who knew?!? Upon seeing my face Lauren tried to talk me down, telling me that accidents happen. I said yes, but this one was preventable- she said well isn’t that what an accident is, something that was preventable? I was still caught in my web of self loathing so she pushed on… she said what matters and what is Everly going to remember more: that she shocked herself or that her mom was there to make it better. Ah Lauren, you know just what to say. This made me feel a bit better. 

I shared my injury concerns with Lauren; I asked timidly you don’t think she could really get hurt from that do you? Lauren said no, it just scared her probably. Lauren could still see the concern on my face and again, she pushed on, doing what any self respecting best auntie of the year would do; Lauren took the power cord and put it to her own tongue. She said assuredly, well that was a bit of a pinch. I immediately started laughing, I could not believe what she had done and I could not believe how much better it made me feel. 

Writing this now I realize what a couple of dumbasses we really could look like, me being the larger because I created an unsafe space for my daughter, but we all learned lessons. I learned to not trust Everly and her exploring ways. Lauren learned what the end of a live power cord to your tongue feels like and Everly learned just how much we both love her. 

One of the photos from the shoot!


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  1. That is priceless and I so know the feeling! Our Everly has banged her head a few times due to our stupidity 😦

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