Be My Valentine!

So with Valentines Day tomorrow I thought I might spread some holiday cheer for both the lovers and haters of Valentines Day! In this house we celebrate all ‘holidays’ both ‘genuine’ and ‘fabricated.’ I read these terms describing holidays everywhere and about every holiday, but no one holiday suffers as much scrutiny as Valentines Day. I honestly don’t see the harm in celebrating your love for your loved ones, maybe that’s because I don’t subscribe to the belief that for Valentines Day you need to have a romantic love Valentine- I think your Valentine is whoever you want to show your love to. This year is my first year of having 2 Valentines and I have to admit that it made it more exciting than ever. This more exciting than ever things seems to be the theme for Everly’s first year and I imagine for most of her life as I watch her experience things for the first time. I don’t know what has been more magical for me, experiencing things for the first time through my eyes or watching her… actually I do know, it’s been watching her. It makes me want to provide her every opportunity for experience and that is where holidays come in! 

For the celebratory!


For the cynical!


 This week while we were watching Modern Family (our new favourite show) my husband and I came to the realization that we are the couple ‘Cameron and Mitchell;’ I am Cameron, he is Mitchell. If you don’t watch the show (ps. you should), this is the couple that has just adopted a new baby girl so they are learning all about parenthood (as are we!). A few weeks ago there was an episode about Ferberizing the baby… well if you read the blog you know how hard it was for me to listen to Everly protest all those nights, while B just stood strong in his belief that she was okay and that she needed to learn to self-soothe. Although I also knew this to be true you could not say that I stood strong… I cried, I faltered, I doubted and so did Cameron- while Mitchell stood strong. Another episode found Cameron using their home for a wedding because the space was needed and he just loves a wedding, um, yeah, just slightly like me to eats up anything wedding with a spoon, while B looks on cynically as Mitchell did. 

This past week, the episode where I had my epiphany, Cameron had dressed the baby as a cherub to wish Mitchell a Happy Valentines Day. After several attempts to get his attention Mitchell still didn’t look up from his work at his desk and just answered oh yes, Happy Valentines… now if I had a nickle for every time this happened to me, every time that I dress Everly up to parade her in front of her dad and he is like oh, yeah, sure she looks cute. Well Cameron did what I haven’t and he called Mitchell on his not looking and fawning over the baby. Mitchell came back with the retort, well you do this for every holiday, you dress the baby up every chance you get. Then BAM, that’s where it really hit me that Cameron is my kindred spirit, I get it Cameron, I too feel the need to dress up my baby and have a photo shoot at every opportunity and why the hell not! It’s quality time with your baby, they are only going to let us dress them up for so long and look at the great photos and memories they will have. 


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