Olympic Baby!

We are here in sunny (yes, sunny) Vancouver to take in the Olympic festivities. So far we have just taken the ferry and visited Oakridge Centre and yes, it is busy but it is not too insane. I guess at this stage in the game it would be good to point out that I am that person who loves New York City specifically because it is busy and full of life. There is something about the energy of people in motion that just makes me feel all fueled up. I think it is even more special when that crowd has one common thought- yeay Canada! It is so amazing to be driving down the streets seeing people decked out in the Canadiana; some are even super Canadians, wearing flags as capes. It makes me proud to be a Canadian. It makes me happy that I brought my daughter here to witness it even if she won`t remember. But I question that won`t remember thing, aren`t scientists proving cool things about cell memory right now. So there you have it, somewhere deep in the cells of her body she will remember a time when you could walk down the packed streets of Vancouver and feel the magnetic energy of thousands of minds focused on supporting our country.; how cool is that. Oh and just in case the cell memory thing isn`t legit, we will have only 1000 pictures to prove it by the time we go home I am sure.

With the Olympics on my mind lately (hence limited blog posts due to watching!), I have started to wonder what my baby might be good at if there were Baby Olympics and she was on Team Canada… Here are a few things:

1- Hurling- definition of sport: grabbing any nearby object and hurling it towards the ground. Everly would take gold in this I am sure. Sometimes she hurls so fast that I don`t even think she knows what she is grabbing anymore, she just grabs and throws. My favourite is when she grabs food out of her bowl and throws it on the ground!

2- Hearing Damage Heat- definition of sport: making nose so loud that it damages the hearing of the judges. This is one of those more dangerous sports, kind of like the luge or skeleton. If Everly did not take gold in this event I would not want to be around the child who did- nuff said. Excuse me, what was that, I think someone is trying to call me from the other room but I can`t quite tell…

3- The Squidge- definition of sport: trying to get away when you are being wiped, changed or dressed. I BELIEVE in my child`s abilities to bring home a medal of some sort in this event. It`s like she thinks I am trying to take away her soul every time that I wash her face. I have begun to master the art of changing pee diapers while she is standing and holding on to something- trust me, it`s easier than trying to hold her down. Poop diapers are even more challenging because, well, there is a poopey element to bring. This sport could be combined with the Hearing Damage Heat for a hybrid sport…

4- Feeding in Motion- definition of sport: eating while walking, crawling, rolling- you name it. This is the only way that Everly will eat right now. If we feed her while she is seated and locked in to a chair the food gets spat out and thrown on the floor. The only exception to this rule is if we are out in public- then she will eat tons of food whilst strapped in a high chair- figure that out… So yeah, she would be bringing in at least a silver medal in this one!

5- Resisting Sleep Training Downhill- definition of sport: title is self explanatory, downhill comes into effect when the child previously slept well. Well if you have followed this blog you know how sleep training went in our house! Yes she is doing brilliantly now, but there was a time when- oh my GOD let`s actually not even go there! Everly would be the Vegas Favourite to take gold in this event!

6- Turning Cynical Parents into Suckers: the infant reduces her once cynical parents to circus employees that cry at long distance commercials. Yes, I am a bit of a cynic sometimes and sarcasim is my one true friend, but Everly has done something to me- she has warmed up my little black no heart and made it all squishy and pink, likewise to her father. We will do anything to make her giggle and smile and it is all worth it!


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  1. Kim Spears

    Jess this is adorable! It will be amazing for her to look back at those photos … if the cell memory thing fails 😉 I loved the baby olympics piece! You are such a great writer 🙂

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