Baby Jail

Our trip to Vancouver was blessed with beautiful weather- never have I seen so much of the sun there, lol! Everly and I had plans with a friend of mine on Sunday to walk along Kits beach to take advantage of this weather rarity. How lucky are we that we can stroll along a boardwalk in the middle of February! This was Everly’s first time touching sand, her first time eating sand and likely her first time pooping sand- she had a great time. When it was time for Everly to nurse we tried to find a good location but decided on my car when a good location could not be found. Our plan was to feed her and then head back out to the beach. While we were in the car we decided maybe we would go back to where I was staying instead, as the wind was getting a bit chilly. When Everly was done nursing I plunked her into her car seat and strapped her in snug as a bug (more on the car seat later) and went to put the stroller away. I emptied everything out of the stroller, put the emptied items into the car and then proceeded to put the stroller into the trunk. I slammed the trunk shut, said see yah soon to my friend and then went to get in the car… but it was locked. No biggie I thought as I remembered locking the door when the plan was to head back to the beach (I nursed E in the backseat). Then I went to open the backdoor… locked… my eyes frantically scanned the other doors… locked and locked- my baby and keys were locked in the car!

I immediately felt the acids in my stomach start to rise up my throat and could feel the tears welling behind my eyes. How could I have done something so careless. I said to my friend, I locked her in there with my keys. My friend in a very calm voice said it’s okay, she is fine we will call BCAA and get her out, she also threw in that if we needed to we would break a window. My mind was reeling with all of the things that could happen as my friend dialed BCAA, I just kept pacing around all the windows, wringing my hands together and trying to breathe. My friend connected with the dispatcher on the phone and they let us know that someone would be there in under 10 minutes hopefully… and so began the second longest 10 minutes of my life (the first longest could be found while pushing my daughter into this world).

Everly was completely unaffected. She had just been fed, had her soother in her mouth and managed to pick up a water bottle to play with. She looked happy. We smiled and waved at her through the windows and she smiled and waved back at us, she probably couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on, but she was happy. So like this, we waiting. To make matters worse I had to go pee. I didn’t go earlier because I thought we would be heading back to the Starbucks, and then when we were headed home I knew I could make it for the short trip. My friend said just go, I will stay with her, but I couldn’t. I was already the mom who had locked her keys in the car with the baby, I couldn’t be the mom who left the baby in the car while she went pee. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Plus, I didn’t want the tow truck driver person to get there and be like, where is her mother… so we waited and waited and waited. It felt like forever.

Everly spat out the soother, then she threw the water bottle, the panic in me grew… we didn’t have long, she was going to start getting angry. We attempted games of peek a boo, she watched for a bit, but you could see it in her eyes that she would not be entertained for much longer. She started to squirm from left to right while arching her back, I knew this posture, it meant that a meltdown was on it’s way. Then, holy of holiness, the tow truck driver arrived. He tried one tool and it didn’t work so he had to go back for another. I wanted to yell, good god get this over with, what the hell are you doing, but of course I kept my mouth shut because at that time I did not feel that I was worthy of judging people, he could have just said- you are the ass that locked her in the car. She started to scream. Not crying screaming, just listening to the sound of her voice screaming, she would look to us for a reaction, oh yes, meltdown city here we come… the tears started the screaming peaked and then pop- the door was open. I swooshed into the back seat and unbuckled her, her face was filled with a giant smile in the direction of the tow truck driver- well done baby, charm the pants off the man, he just saved you! I thanked the driver over and over and I felt my blood pressure start to drop a little bit (I could no longer feel my heartbeat in my ears). I still had to pee.

As we were walking to the Starbucks I started to get the shakes and feel all tingly, maybe the adrenaline working its way out of my body? I went to use the washroom and when I saw my face in the mirror I couldn’t help but point my finger at my own reflection and say “IDIOT” after that I thought it might be time to work on forgiving myself. afterall, Everly was safe and out of the locked car, BCAA didn’t charge us and my bladder was not screaming in pain anymore, who would have thought that these three points would make a happy ending? I think it’s time to invest in a hideakey thinger.

Spring Baby

At the beach!



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2 responses to “Baby Jail

  1. lwayswright

    First of all…what a cutie!!! I have one better for you. When my first daughter was 2 1/2 weeks old my husband and I went to the airport to pick up my folks. Let me preface by saying that she had been born very ill and was kept in the hospital for about 10 days after her birth. So we were pretty unused to having a baby with us. Since I had had a c section my husband dropped me at the door and went to the parking garage with my daughter sound asleep in the back seat. When he appeared at the gate to meet my folks he had no baby with him. I looked at him in panic “where is the baby”? He said I thought you took her. “I took her? when did I have time to unload her from the car when you dropped me at the curb?” I was panicked. by the time we go to the car security had already been called by some well meaning yet very nasty passers by and they didn’t want to let us leave, instead wanting to call child protective services. We finally calmed everyone down, including ourselves a bit, and managed to leave peacefully. But that sure put the fear of god in me!

  2. Jessica Bender

    Oh my goodness you must have died!!! Good thing they won’t remember these things 🙂

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