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Everly and I took a trip to Vancouver last weekend to take in all of the sights and ambiance of the 2010 Olympics. I had myself convinced that I would be a bad mother if I didn’t take her. I didn’t want her to say to me, as a teenager, why didn’t you take me mom, it was only a boat ride away, that’s lame… teenagers do things like this, I know because I was one of those teenagers. I have an Auntie who would fly to the moon and back to make me happy. She used to have me over to her house for visits when, (and this is a direct quote from a 6 year old), “I really needed to get a break.” I knew her number and would call her up myself to ask if I could come over. I think what made time with my auntie so special is that I felt special. I was the only one, just me and her and it was all about ME, what kid doesn’t like that. It’s sad to say, but it’s still this way (yeah I am blushing a little bit). We all need one person that dotes on us don’t we? Well my person is my Auntie. So now that I have gone into detail about how much I love my auntie and how great she has always been to me, I can say how pissed off I was when I found out (at 24 years of age) that there is a pool in Stanley Park and she had never taken me- the nerve! I called her up on my cellphone and casually said, did you know there is a pool in Stanley Park? She said yeah… I said hmmm, that’s interesting, because I DIDN’T, yes I was acting slightly like a spoiled brat, but don’t worry it was 90% in jest anyway. So knowing how I reacted to the pool in Stanley Park, I knew that I had to take Everly to Vancouver for some Olympiana and photos to prove it!

We took the ferry over on a Saturday and came home Monday night, it was a… CLICK HERE to continue reading…


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