Yummy Mummy

I can safely say that I have never started a photo session with freshly baked banana bread. When I came to Tania and Thomas’s door on Sunday the rich smell of banana bread was wafting into my nose; with it being a coldish and grey day, the smell was a welcome one as it made me feel all warm and gooey. Tania opened the door for me, we sorted out the common logistics of our shoot and then she fed me some of her delicious bread and all I have to write is YUM. I wish more clients would have baked goods ready for when I arrive, wait a second maybe I don’t… I would be putting on weight like a sumo wrestler! Tania and Thomas were beyone awesome to photograph- they were naturals in front of the camera and they are both good looking, can a photographer ask for more: nope! One of my favourite parts of doing maternity shoots is the love that you can feel between the two parents excited about their new arrival, Tania and Thomas had this love thing ooozing out of them. If you look closely I think you can see it, it’s that twinkle in their eyes and the slight grin in their cheeks. Their baby is going to be a lucky one; all that love and fresh banana bread to boot!




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2 responses to “Yummy Mummy

  1. I love the photos. It’s so beautiful. kudos to you for a great work.

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