Annie Leibovitz Is Officially My Hero

Recently I started reading book authored by my favourite photographer Annie Leibovitz and I am officially inspired. She talked about what a photograph means and why she takes them and I related 100%, it was like someone else was in my mind; I instantly held my photo hero in an even higher regard.

My purpose in taking photos has always been to attempt to capture the essence or life force of the individual that I am photographing, I want people looking at the photo to have an idea of what that person is like in “real life.” The best raves that I have received from clients are when they tell me that they felt beautiful and exposed and that they didn’t even know they looked like that. I also love the look on a parent’s face when they gaze upon photos of their child- pure bliss. Nothing beats being told that people “love” their photos because they make them feel special; helping people to feel special is a gift that I am able to give and I feel lucky.

Reading this book really helped to solidify my fledgling beliefs in how to go about a photography session with a client and hilighted the value of buliding a relationship before you take the photos… how are you supposed to “show” someone when you have no idea who they are! People are made of many facets and to see only one, is to miss the person. Maternity portraits are great for bringing a quirky individuality into the shoot, and I think that’s why they rank high in my list of shoots I love to do. We add a hand made blanket or tiny booties mommy wore as a baby or even (most recently) a set of tires that daddy bought for his truck!

The book also inspired me to actually get working on a studio space. I have said before that I am going to do this, but having a space would allow me to fully express the explosive creative feelings that I am having right now. I can relate to my daughter wanting to run before she is walking confidently, I feel the same way. I want to run with my ideas, but I don’t have the space to walk in, lol. I love natural light photography and will continue to photograph outdoors of course, adding a studio to the mix just created endless opportunities!

Below are some photos that Everly and I took, we were trying for an Annie L. feel! I’m not 100% happy with how WordPress crunches these, they kind of loose their pop, but you get the idea right!

Everly’s adorable little skirt was made by her cousin Amy, we ordered the beanie off of Etsy and I madethe feathered clip, having a baby girl to dress up sure is fun!



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2 responses to “Annie Leibovitz Is Officially My Hero

  1. what book is it? I’d like to read it. Love the pictures also.. that is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen

    • Jessica Bender

      It’s called At Work, I read it in about a day, picking it up and putting it down. I would recommend it for sure! I think she is pretty cute too, but I am her mom so I am a bit biased, lol!

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