A Little Human

More often than not these days I get comments about how Everly is turning into a little human, what the hell was she before? The phrase might be a bit odd, but I understand what people are getting at; she is developing a personality. Last night while B and I were eating dinner we were watching a funny TV show (before you judge we don’t have the space for a kitchen table). Everly would look up at the TV and start laughing and then look back at us, before we knew it we were laughing more at her than we were the show. Comedy seems to be the common theme these days. Everly and I are constantly sharing private jokes, well truth be told I pretend to share them with her because sometimes I really have no idea what she is laughing about. She will look at me and “he, ha, he” and sort of throw her head back as if she has just encountered the most hilarious thing ever. She has also perfected the guilty laugh. The other night I went upstairs to get her for her dinner and I found my dad feeding her, she looked at me and smiled and “he, he, he’ed” in my direction, almost like she was saying it’s okay mom, this is funny, don’t worry. Now my dad wasn’t feeding her anything illegal, just green beans and turkey so reallly Everly the joke was on you for that one!

Everly is also being very vocal about her likes and dislikes. When eating dinner if we offer her something below par for her well developed palate she sputters the food out in a giant “pfffglfft” complete with spit and food droplets. When she likes what she is eating we are rewarded with “umms” and “num nums.” Last week during our weekly grocery shop she had the lady next to us in the cheese section nearly peeing her pants with laughter. I had picked up Everly’s cheese to put it into our cart and she started saying “num-num, mmmmm” through giggles the lady said to me, I take it she likes cheese, I said yeah, you think. She is constantly telling us by shrieks and wails and stomps that yes indeed she should be able to play with everything that she wants; we use the term play with loosely because usually play with means DESTROY. I am a developmentalist, I get that she needs to take things apart to find out how they work, but wow does she ever leave her mark on a room. When we go to people’s houses that don’t have children she always goes right for the most dangerous stuff… I call her the danger ranger. She pulls at cupboards and as they open she sneaks a look back at me and her face could be interpreted as “lookie here, what do we have… suckers don’t even have cupboard locks, hellllooo cupboard prepare to be emptied.

And the talking, wow I don’t think this kid ever shuts up. 95% of what she says is pure jargon (jargon that sounds like a mix of German, Mandarin, English and Hindi), the other 5% is a constant repeat of dog, cat, “that” (as she points her finger towards something), mama, dada and hi. We have complete conversations her and I, and for some reason they all seem to sound like an episode of the Jersey Shore or The Hills:

Everly- dah, bo, ogli, ogli, dat, yoweee

Mama- oh no she did not, what did you do?

Everly- bunga, ogli, ogli, lalala, ungo

Mama- well I would have done the same thing as you, the nerve

Everly- yappo, gleeba, dat, dah, ma, la, bo

Mama- well you sure told her

I think you get the picture. Now I realize that this is probably a reflection of the television programming that is currently taped and being played on our PVR, ouch, that is a little embarrassing. I hate to admit it but I got addicted to some weird shows in the early months of motherhood when is seems that all you are doing is breastfeeding and snuggling your precious little bug. I needed tv to watch and well these shows just found me. I fell in love with the Duggars, I know much more about cake than I really ever should, I understand Guido slang, I know what it means to smize and I have heard the word seriously about a million times, seriously I have, seriously.

Anywho, what I am trying to get at while embarrassing myself is that I do in fact have a blossoming little person in my world and I know this is going to be an obvious statement but, I really like her. Today we had lunch together and she was great company. We chatted about the latest scandal in her life and the outfit that the woman walking down the street was wearing (loose floaty skirts along the seaside on a wind warning day- what were you thinking lady?). I feel like our relationship is a little bit more give and take now, I feel like she is participating in making the connection and that is so rewarding. I look at her and think, wow, we have brought her here, to this place in her life where she is so enjoyable. We are always complimented on what a lovely baby she is, how friendly, how well behaved and how social. Okay so everyone doesn’t see her at home, but we can’t all be 100% perfect 100% of the time right. I feel lucky to have this person, in my life and I look forward to getting to know her even more.


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