Pretty Wedding Girl

On Tuesday night Amber and two of her best friends met with me Downtown for a night-time Rock the Frock shoot and wow, did we have adventures. We met all sorts of characters, one proclaimed Amber the prettiest wedding girl he had ever seen, and to hear him tell it, he had seen a few! Many people were curious if it was her wedding day (really?), many more wondered where was her groom- Amber being silly said she left him at home as it’s easier that way (all too true!). Amber rocked this shoot. It was very windy and cold out, some alleys smelled not so good at all, she was sitting on cold concrete, wood and metal and the catcalls were enough for even the most seasoned model to loose their focus, but Amber shone through and got some amazing shots like a trooper! Many thanks to Amber’s entourage who made quick costume changes, gave wicked posing feedback (2 Miss Jay’s if you will), and provided us with a sense of security as there is strength in numbers when you go walking the alleys of a city late at night 🙂



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