What To Wear?

More often than not I am asked by moms what their child (or family) should wear for a photo session… taking a cue from a fellow photographer I made up a little example of some outfit ideas. I always tell moms that something that “goes” together is what we are looking for… the picture below is an example of what I am trying to articulate not so articulately 🙂 They “go” but aren’t too matchy-matchy!

Some other rules of thumb: bright colours always look good on kids, if you are fair stay away from stark white as it can wash you out, if you are of a deeper complexion darks can fade you into the background, layering is a good idea for our West Coast weather, outfit changes can be a fun idea mid-shoot provided that outfit changes do not upset your child :)-

The looks below are all from Gap Kids and Baby Gap (www.gap.com). Gymboree, Mexx, Old Navy, The Children’s Place and even Superstore all have great stuff too!


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