Mama’s Turn To Cry

Everly is 1. It happend. It came and went with a vengence. When her party was done on Saturday I commented to a girlfriend that I felt the same way that I did when our wedding was over. It’s such a whirlwind of a day, well make that a whirlwind of a year. I feel like my head is still spinning and it’s Wednesday!

I loaded the pictures from the party onto my computer and was in the process of posting them up on Facebook for eager (and patient- thank you) family members, when I realized just how much Everly has changed over this past year. Some of the girls at work admitted to having an “Everly Photo Marathon” where they looked at all of her Facebook “albums” from the past year- they said I must have switched babies halfway through because she just doesn’t look the same anymore… no she doesn’t at all; she’s growing up.

After the photos were posted they received comments like “wow she isn’t a baby anymore” and “welcome to toddlerhood” and “she looks like a little girl now.” {Sigh} Yes she does look like a little girl now. She acts like a little girl too. We have embarked on the toddler attitude and wonderfully tricky character traits like: shaking her head no, spitting out food, biting, pushing, screaming so that Mars can hear, and that’s just a few. If you are a parent to a toddler, or have been you totally know what I am talking about. Some days I look at her and think wow, one year ago you couldn’t really do anything, now you are pointing at me and telling me what to do (points at me, says “mama,” points at food, says “mowe.”

I was asked how I am doing emotionally with her turning one, um, not good… is that the right answer? Isn’t that the only answer? I actually replied that I knew it was coming and I more felt the one year crunch when she hit certain milestones like walking and talking. I know that she isn’t a baby anymore, but she is still my baby. When I was nursing her on her birthday she fell asleep in my arms and I just rode with it. I cuddled into her little body and watched her sleep, just as fascinated with the planes of her face as I was one year previously. I told myself- remember this and then I took a multisensory account of the moment. Where’s that moment recording machine that I said I wanted?

Everly at 4 hours old!

Everly at 1 year old!


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  1. Happy Birthday Everly! She will always be your baby, I don’t know if that will ever change. Enjoy the moment, its gone before you know it 😉

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