The Powells In The Park

This week I had the pleasure of working with one of my favourite families… the Powells. I first met Mark, Sheryl and Ava when Ava was just 4 months old. Ava was as cute as her little button nose (and still is), and full of smiles! I next photographed the family for an extended family portrait, and yes, their extended family is just as lovely as they are. Further on we met again, this time for their last family portrait as a triad… little brother Ethan was in Sheryl’s belly! Seeing how cute little Ava was towards her mom’s beautiful belly was so touching. Her little kisses and “widdle brudders” were so touching it almost- almost, made me think hey, two might not be so bad! When Ethan came along, I had the chance to photograph this truly photogenic family again… my favourite shot from that Christmastime session was one of all 4 sets of their feet lined up, too adorable! Mark always has such great ideas 🙂 My most recent session with the family marked Ethan’s 6 month birthday 🙂 Ethan is just as cute as Ava, which makes my job super easy (thanks Sheryl and Mark for making such cute babies!). I hope to see them again soon, we always have a fun time together.


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