Q-Mac Cute Attack {Victoria, BC Baby Photography}

Time is flying by. I know this because babies around me are suddenly becoming toddlers. It was one thing when Everly turned one, but now her friends are startingt to hit that milestone as well. Q-Mac, is no exception! Quinton is Everly’s boyfriend. They have been best buds since Q was conceived (his mom still credits me with the conception, lol). Q and E might not know it yet but they are destined to be the best of friends for the rest of their lives. They are not allowed to date, which is going to be tricky because if how cute they are now is any clue to how they will look when they are teenagers look out! I guess I am scare that if they dated they might break up and where would that leave our two families, how could you choose a side! Hear that Q and E- no dating! When Jackie and Steve (Q’s parents) asked me to do his one year photos and some family photos I of course said yes! It is so special to photograph your friends. It is fun to share those memories with them, especially when they are such close friends as Steve and Jackie are to me. Jackie has already seen these pictures, she got her disc before the post so this is not much of a teaser, lol. I couldn’t hold out! This is a pure and simple share post to celebrate the MacDonald family and their baby boy who has just turned one 🙂 Congrats you 3, you made it through the first year! We love you.


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