Daddy’s Little Hunter {Victoria, BC Newborn Photography}

Where do I begin with baby Wyatt? He was wooing me through the lens from the tips of his perfect little toes to the pucker of his scrumptious pouted lips, it’s safe to say that I feel in love! At 6 weeks old I was a little worried that it was going to be a tricky session, but Wyatt, like his namesake, conquered the West, the west coast photoshoot that is). It helped that it was nearly 30 degrees and it helped that we were outdoors on his parents deck which offered a slight breeze along with the most yummy lighting conditions. But I think what helped the most was his mommy and daddy, two of the most chill people I have ever met. To describe John and Sarah as laid back is like describing their son as merely “cute” common adjectives just don’t work! Wyatt has found an amazing family to call his own, and to his family he has been the most welcome blessing. He will grow up strong, thoughtful, funny like his parents and protected always by his big sister Ashlyn.

Can you guess which photos daddy helped to set up? Thanks for the help JB, I hope you like the end result!

Many of these images were created through extensive post production work in Photoshop, please do not attempt at home!



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2 responses to “Daddy’s Little Hunter {Victoria, BC Newborn Photography}

  1. These photos are darling. I know what you mean when you talk about Photoshop. You can go crazy playing around with this software. 🙂

    I especially like the ones as a family group. You all look like a happy family.

  2. Thanks for the post I have been looking for maternity photography shoots. Have you done work in NY?

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