The Roaring McGarrys

Leslie and Michael are one of those couples that newlyweds aspire to be. The have been married for 25 years and are still just as much in love as they were the day that they were married, perhaps more so as they now share a rich, full life and 3 wonderful sons.

Leslie and Michael choose to celebrate their 25 fun filled years of marriage by hosting a 1920’s themed vow renewal ceremony and reception. Was it ever fun to photograph these “characters” because yes indeed they were in character. When I arrived at the venue and saw all of their guests in full 20’s garb I was floored; here is a couple with supportive and fun people in their lives.

Leslie and Michael both looked amazing on their day; being smoking hot, full of love and dressed to impress 1920’s style made this photographer a very happy girl! I went all out on the editing, making the photos themselves appear as though they have been in the attic for 87 years and had tons of fun doing it, it’s always fun to flex your creative muscles and try something new!

Congratulations Leslie and Michael. Here’s to another 25 happy years together.


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