Trash The Dress… Literally!

I have done quite a few rock the frock sessions. But I have never photographed one such as this… one where the bride literally throws her dress in the trash can on location as we leave. When I started doing these photos I called them Trash the Dress sessions… and then I switched to Rock the Frock because it was a little less intimidating. Jess was the exception to the rule. When she heard rock the frock she really went all out and trashed the dress. This girl delivered in frigid cold west coast ocean water, oh and did I mention that it was an especially cold Spring here in Victoria, so this water has just started to warm up. Where other gals may have shyed away or lost the will to continue to the shoot, Jess ran with it and in my opinion the best photos from her session came from the end, where she was freezing her tush off! This is one gal who would have made it to the end on Top Model! Bring on the bikinis in snow Tyra- Jess would rock it there too! Hope you love these Jess, I had so much fun with both you and Lisa that afternoon 🙂

Jess with her MOH Lisa!

Cleaning off!

Buh-Bye Dress!


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2 responses to “Trash The Dress… Literally!

  1. lisa lundgren

    That’s our girl! Hella hot, super fun and ‘Go big or go home’ all the way.Talk about a display of true commitment to marriage, why would a girl NOT do this? We buy these things for that one special day in our lives, with no intention of repetition. It’s the girls who keep them around for later that are outta their minds. Gorgeous, just freaking gorgeous!!!!

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