Sun Lotus Love

A couple weeks ago I had the joy of attending and photographing Travis and Sarah’s rustic wedding. Sarah was my practicum student two years ago, the year while I was pregnant- lucky her, hopefully I have not ruined the sentimental vision of pregnancy for her, lol. When Sarah asked me to photograph her wedding I was instantly excited. After working with her for 8 months I had gotten to know her well and had heard so much about Travis- they were obvious soul mates and good looking to boot (can you ask for more). Their wedding was at a rustic wilderness retreat and made for the most amazing backdrops. I nearly squealed with delight when I did my walk around to scout locations. Sarah and Travis I hope that you enjoyed your honeymoon and that you enjoy your photos as well.



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2 responses to “Sun Lotus Love

  1. Gorgeous! Where was this? Is it on the island?

  2. It was at the SunLotus Resort, about 20 minutes outside of Duncan, it was amazingly beautiful!

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