Wear What?

So we are on vacation right now in beautiful Parksville, BC. This is our daughter’s first beach vacation (outside of the womb) and we were so excited to bring her here. We hit the never ending beach. The sea was out for at least 1 kilometer, heaps of warm tidal pools were right for the the wading and exploring. We heaved and pushed our jogging stroller to the perfect spot: a little higher ground than the rest of the space and flanked by shallow, bathwater warm tide pools. We pull out the pails, throw down the shovels and rakes and even a few sand molds. B takes off his T-shirt, E is raring to go in her fancy pants iron clad sun suit, I pull my tank top over my head and drop my shoes faster than you can say 28 degrees and sunny. If you know me you know that I worship the sun. I am a lizard. sun meet skin, sun make skin brown, brown skin make me happy. Yes I am aware of cancer and the like and I use sunscreen. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs. I don’t gamble either. Sun is my vice.

It has taken me years to be comfortable just walking around in my bathingsuit. I don’t think it was until I became pregnant that I actually learned to not give a crap. I learned what my body was really for- to create life, not to simply look good in a batting suit. I understand that health is what is important and that no matter how much closer to my ideal I become I will never be happy with myself unless I am happy with myself as a whole. I hear that this is a lesson that many women learn in their late 20’s/early 30’s and I feel fortunate that I have reached that place.

At the beach now my body is useful for sunning, but it is most useful for chasing after a very cute and very busy toddler! And did you know that you can get a tan whilst chasing? You can if you wear a bikini… Which brings me to the punch line of this post. There I am on the beach chasing said toddler in a bikini. I mention to B that my bottoms might be a tad but skimpy for the job, but oh well I am getting a tan. He says yeah I guess you need some new ones, really? Do we need to go that far? A few minutes later I say jeeze I might need a new top, I am constantly having to push my roaming boobs back in, he agrees. A few more minutes go by and he says there is absolutely no one on this beach dressed like you. I look around and no there is not. All the moms are in shorts and tank tops or full pieced wonders that do nothing wonderful for anyone. I say to him that they are all in their mom gear and maybe a few years older than me. B says are you embarassed? I say no should I be, he says I am embarassed for you with a smirk on his face. I say I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, the important bits are covered and I am getting a tan while playing with my daughter. Tons of other 28 year olds are wearing suits just like this, I shouldn’t have to wear an uglier suit just because I am a mom should I? I don’t think so. So bring on the sideways glances Parksville and make those joking comments B, this mama is going to strut her stuff in a bikini and get her tan! (safely with sunscreen of course 😉


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