Lovely Little Lucy~ 4 Months {Victoria, BC Baby Photography}

Four months ago I feel in love with Little Lucy when I had the chance to photograph her as a brand spankin new baby. To remind yourself about how cute this little bug was visit her original post HERE. I had to, so I thought maybe I should make it easy for everyone else to do the same! When Lucy’s mom Anna signed up for my Watch Me Grow package I think it is fair to say that I was beyond excited to be able to follow this little button through her first year; photographers love cute babies who are going to beef up thier portfolio!

Our first session took place at the recommended four month milestone. An age where babies have filled out those lovely cheeks and might just be lucky enough to have what Lucy’s mom lovingly referred to as “thunder thighs” (ugh- I just want to pinch them!). Lucy was every bit as cute as I expected. Her mom picked out some very stylish outfits and of course we got her in her Canucks jersey again! I think that the family would be heartbroken if little Lucy does not grow up to love hockey and the Vancouver Canucks!

I might have gone a little bit nuts with this teaser. The thing was that I couldn’t decide which ones to post, there were so many cute ones. And of course with Anna being a friend of mine she reaps the friend benefits of overflowing blog teasers, lol! I wrote to Anna that her daughter’s cuteness should be illegal. From her big sparkly eyes, to her pouty little lips (complete with drool!) she is just a doll. Anna and Colin I hope you think these are every bit as cute as I do!

And by the end of the shoot... she was done!



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2 responses to “Lovely Little Lucy~ 4 Months {Victoria, BC Baby Photography}

  1. alicia

    I love these pics!! now to pic which one i want on my fridge !

  2. Janice

    Abaslutely amazing photos, she is gorgeous!! What great photography work, absalutely awesome job!

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