Sunshine Sophia {Victoria, BC Newborn Photography}

Sophia welcome to the world and welcome to Vancouver Island! She made the trip here with her mommy to visit Auntie Serena, who is a friend of mine. Auntie Serena planned for lttle Sophia’s pictures far in advance, I think it might have been around the time that she found out her sister was expecting in fact! I was very excited at the prospect as I knew that this baby girl was going to be stunning if her mama was any indication (scroll down, you’ll see what I mean). If I were going to sum up our shoot in one word it would be sticky! It was a hot, hot day here in Victoria and we needed to keep the room that way to help little S stay cozy in her state of undress. Auntie Serena, mommy and I were all sweating or “schvitzing” as Serena would say and using our shirts as fans! Sophia made it bareable with her cuteness though, all 3 of us fawning over her as a loving stylist/photographer team. Now I always say how much I love it when my clients feed me (lol) and this shoot was no exception! Serena had some of my favourite cookies on hand and some yummy fresh cherries- a cute baby, yummy snacks, good company and a sunny day… can life get any better? I think not! I hope you love these ladies 🙂

Yes there are two birth announcements! LOL! A girl’s gotta have choices!

* Please note that many of these images were created with the use of extensive post production editing in Photoshop 5; please do not attempt at home *


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