Brown Eyed Boy {Victoria, BC Famly Photography}

On Saturday it was sweltering. I woke up sticky and cover less. My only solace… I was heading out to Sooke for a family session; there is always a cool ocean breeze in Sooke and the family that I was photographing was going to do wonders for my portfolio. Not that I am complaining or anything, but it seems only the genetically gifted contact me for portrait sessions. Mom and dad turned up the heat with their enviable hotness (despite the stickiness) and little man Gabe cranked up the cute to make it all bearable. We hung out on a dock along the Pacific Ocean and a boardwalk winding through the tall Westcoast trees… shade and a cool breeze ahhhh. Little Gabe did so well, I think dipping his little toes into the ocean gave him a cool down advantage to all of us! When our shoot was nearly over and we were tackling the last bit of forested boardwalk, mom stopped and said, “It’s so hot my eyelids are sweaty!” We all laughed and I said Les, that’s going to be a direct quote on the blog! Les, Brandon and Gabe, it was a pleasure as always! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Gabe demonstrates his hunger for the literary arts!


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