Hannah and her Sister {Victoria, BC Baby Photography}

The only thing better than photographing newborn babies, is getting to continue to photograph them as they grow up! I first met Hannah when she was a freshie. What I remembered most about her from our newborn session was her big blue eyes and her super baby strength at that early age. Upon seeing her again at 6 months old, I was not surprised to see that these same two memorable traits had remained. She still has those amazing swimming pool eyes, and the strong little bean sat unsupported for a good stretch of time- pretty awesome feat for a 6 month old 🙂 This day was sweaty hot as well, I believe it was day 3 of our now famous heatwave. We sought out the shady spots and even let Hannah have a little air out session in her diaper on some cool, squishy green grass (as you will see below!). Miss Hannah is one of my Watch Me Grow babies and I can not wait to do just that!


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  1. Awesome pictures! I LOVE the ones with the tongue out, so cute!!

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