Olivier est Très Mignon! {Victoria, BC Newborn Photography}

Every baby that I meet is 100% an individual and Olivier was no exception. With a name like Olivier Jean-Claude Eli, you expect big things. There’s a lot of hype that goes with a strong name like that and little Olivier lived up to the hype let me tell you! Usually the newborns that I photograph stay fast asleep, and are putty in my hands to lovingly place into adorable props and poses. On occasion I have met a feisty babe who, not for a lack of trying on everyone’s part, will not fall asleep; Olivier was one of the latter. Now what made Olivier unique from all my other bright-eyed and bushy-tailed newborns was that he behaved as though he was asleep. He still let us pose him on props and in cute little poses and he stayed there, contentedly! I was blown away. I don’t know how many times I said to his mom- I just can’t believe it! It’s rare that I get pictures such as his, where baby is wide awake and peaceful. This little bug must know how good he has it. Mom named him well; a distinguised name to match his old soul. Congrats Kim and little Olivier- you are a family now 🙂

Yes there are 3 birth announcements! Mom paid extra so that she could cover all her bases. She comes from a very loyal Habs family and wanted something special to send to family back home in Montreal!

I have been getting inquiries lately in regards to the lovely knit props that I use in photo sessions… where do I get them, well, I am lucky enough to have an auntie who loves me and loves to knit. She keeps me in props and I take her out for dinner 🙂 I am sure that my dinners do not come close to the time and love that she puts into making these for me, so I am pretty lucky that she loves me aren’t I! Thanks Auntie. I am so lucky to have you!

Many of these images were created using extensive post production work in Photoshop. Please do not attempt to recreate these poses at home.



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4 responses to “Olivier est Très Mignon! {Victoria, BC Newborn Photography}

  1. Auntie Sharon

    My pleasure, as always sweetie! The dinners with you and Evie go a very looonnnggg way! 😉 XOXO

  2. vivianne

    You use photoshop A LOT in your pictures and it creates such wonderful pieces of art!!! The poses are great. It is good to see that you are asking people not to recreate them; it is really important for the safety of the babies. I was wondering where you got the white pettiskirt from?

    • Thanks Vivianne! The safety of the babies is very important to me and yes, I utilize photoshop to achieve the creative look that my clients love. The skirt was made for my daughter by a woman named Amy Loiselle. At this time I do not have any information for her other than her personal email address and I don’t feel comfortable giving that out. I recommended that she hook herself up with an Etsy store to sell her things. Maybe she will!

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