Oh So Happily

I first photographed Robin and Steph when they were expecting the arrival of their little boy Sebastian (or Handsome in some circles). They were both so excited for the new addition to their family and it showed in their photos. Their love lit up every photo, I had a hard time choosing the best one.

The next time I photographed them it was for an engagement/family portrait session. Guess what, their love lit up every photo in that shoot as well… and Handsome, well I found that he lives up to his nickname 110%.Some of the family shots that were captured that day, are some of my favourite of all time.

When it came time to photograph their wedding I was beside myself with excitement. Really, it’s probably not normal that the photographer is too excited to sleep the night before the wedding- isn’t that the bride’s job? But I knew what Robin and Steph’s wedding day was going to bring and I was super pumped for the rocking job I knew they would do… Those overachievers, they blew me away. Move over current Ralph Lauren advertisement models, Robin and Steph are going to be taking your place mighty quickly.

I had so much fun working with this couple who I am lucky enough to call friends. The people in their lives adore them and it showed at their reception when their Master of Ceremonies wrote a song especially for them which required the entire reception to sing along- which they did like a scene from GLEE! Robin and Steph- enjoy your life together and live oh so happily 🙂


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