Honoring the Sacredness of New Life

Just wanted to share some information about a fun event that is happening in the community! If your baby has First Nation’s ancestry and was born between November 1, 2009 and October 31, 2010– you need to check this out!

In many Aboriginal Communities, the arrival of a new baby to the community/village was proclaimed through drumming, singing, chanting and ceremony. Gifts were bestowed upon the family to assist with caring for and nurturing the baby. Songs were sung to acknowledge the child as a gift from the creator and to ensure their health, safety and protection.

For some Aboriginal families and communities these traditional practices have been interrupted or for some who live away from their traditional lands are unable to coordinate the appropriate cultural ceremonies surrounding the arrival of a new baby. Despite these challenges, we believe it is important to encourage families to culturally acknowledge this very special gift.

In response to the need to sustain this very important part of Aboriginal cultures, the Victoria Native Friendship Centre’s Aboriginal Early Intervention Team is proud to provide families with the means and opportunity to share in this time honoured tradition by publicly acknowledging the babies born the previous year with a blanket presented by local Elders and a small gift box.

If your baby is born between November 1, 2009 and October 31, 2010:

Please download the form HERE and drop if off at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre at 231 Regina Avenue, Victoria BC.


Call The Aboriginal Infant Development Program at 250-384-3211 or email to jessica.aidp@vnfc.ca to register your baby for this celebration.

We would love to acknowledge your special little baby and your family.


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