There are going to be some changes happening on the Little Pickle Blog, changes for the good, changes for the exciting! I have decided to add one weekly feature and another bi-weekly feature, and (drum roll please), here they are:

Mondays are no fun… unless of course you don’t work or you work an adjusted work week and Mondays are your Friday, but um, that’s the exception… for most of us, Mondays are lameo. So I thought why not spice up Monday with Pampered Pickle Picks… say that 3 times fast and stay tuned to find out what exactly Pampered Pickle Picks are… it’s going to be good, reeeeal good… okay hopefully I didn’t build up any hype there that I can’t live up to, lol!

Friday is going to be a unique day for unique voices on the Little Pickle blog… starting next week I will be featuring a bi-weekly Pickle Pals Guest Post! If you have a story to tell or some words of advice please share! All that I ask is that they are family friendly, honest and about an aspect of childhood or childraising! Email me at for more details or to submit your post 🙂 If yours is chosen I will feature it on the Friday guest post! You can remain anon (and be all reclusive like Salinger) or take credit for your submission and become rich and famous (rich in life and famous to your children- he he).

Thank you for your readership! I hope to keep you entertained 🙂

Aint nobody here but us chickens!



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