This is my public service announcement regarding steamy hot showers with your husband.

In the middle of November my nieces came over to visit from Vancouver, my eldest niece Madison stayed with us for a pretty good length of time and I have to admit that she made my job as mother much easier. Everly just loves her big cousin “Maaie” as much as we do. The two of them are like peas and carrots. I am sure that if you asked Madison where the sun rises and sets each day she would say Everly’s shoulders and Everly has been known to seek Madison after a head bonk over me (what a traitor! Lol).

On the Saturday that Maddie was over we were all planning to head out and do something fun. The girls were ready to go, but B and I still needed to shower and get dressed. I figured why not kill two birds with one stone and have a shower at the same time as B while Maddie and Everly played downstairs. Well let me just say that it has been a long time since B and I had a shower just the two of us. Probably before Everly was born. So, well, one thing just may have led to another and um yeah, I think you get the picture.

So then fast forward to 12 days later. I am crying all the time at stupid commercials, I nearly fainted multiple times, I was beyond hungry, my boobs were getting funny little tingles and I was getting the weirdest cramps yet there was no sign of Aunt Flo… and I am sure you can guess where this is headed, because, well, I sure did.

We went to the drugstore and bought a two pack of First Response Early Response tests on our way to a matinee movie date. B was 100 % positive what the results would be; me not so much. When I was pregnant with Everly I didn’t get a positive test until I was one week late… the waiting nearly killed me. I told B that the tests are most accurate when you use your first pee of the day, but I told him that it was going to be hard to wait! Him, ever the logic, said well they are supposed to be done in the morning, so wait until the morning. Hmph. When we got home in the afternoon I decided oh what the hell, time to pee on a stick… and so I peed and then I went to check my email. If you know me you know that this one act sounds simple, but it was HARD! I had to do something to get my mind off the little pee covered cotton tipped plastic life changer and the result that may or may not show up in the little window.

4 minutes later I realize that I have gone 1 minute over the “3 minute waiting time” of the test and I race into the bathroom. This is what I found…

Okay, stay calm. Calm… CALM- CALM!!! I held the test with both hands and leaped down our flight of stairs in three steps, yelling “Brandon, we’re going to have another baby.” He smiled the most smug smile and said, “told you.” I was shaking. My friend Megan was there and she looked like she got hit by a bus. She said, “was this planned, are you okay, oh my God,” yes in that order. I answered “no, yes and I KNOW!” And girly screaming followed, as did iphone photos of the test itself.

That night I was still in disbelief. We only had unprotected sex one time- ONE TIME. ONE TIME. I can not say that enough- ONE TIME. And you know what I should have known better but noooo. With Everly we got pregnant within the first two weeks of trying to conceive. I thought that was the kind of thing that could only happen once to a person. Well, no, that’s just not the case. Sometimes when you tempt fate, as I did, fate falls off the wagon hard and goes on a drinking spree and busts some heads and gets thrown into jail for the night and then has to attend AA. Oh fate, why can’t you control yourself.

That next morning I decided to use number 2 from my double pack. First morning urine, meet stick. This time I lay the stick on the counter next to the sink and watched. If this sucker is going to change I am going to watch it happen this time, not taking chances that some little troll came and switched ‘em out on me. So I watched. I watched the test strip in action. The white strip actually changes colour slightly as the pee makes it’s way up to the “testing location.” Gross. I watched the first little line pop up… wait a sec… first little line? Isn’t that the “pregnant line?” Yes. For those of you not familiar with a First Response Early Response Test the little line that is closest to the pee stick is the “pregnant line,” the second line is the “test is working” line. So after about a minute the “testing” line shows up and both lines become a flaming, Sex and the City, hot pink. Okay it’s official. The pregnant line showed up before the testing line, there is some seriously legitimate human chorionic gonadotropin in my pee. I AM PREGNANT.

Okay, time to sit on the toilet seat. No I did not poop my pants; the lid was down thank you very much. I looked to the wall. The shaking hands returned as did the rush of adrenaline that I felt with the first one. Did I forget overnight, do I have the brain of a goldfish? Whoa. So then I used a handy online calculator and determined an estimated due date based on when we conceived. Most people don’t know this, but oh, I sure do! ONE TIME. The date popped up on the screen: August 6, 2011. Whoa.

I went through the rest of my day like a Disney princess. Waaay to happy to be normal, waaay to chipper to be accepted in such a grey and rainy climate, my voice waaay to singsongey to be my own. Is this the way that a woman who was convinced one year ago that she was only meant to have one child acts… The short answer to that; YES.

I have learned that sometimes it is possible to not know how much you want something until it’s there. Sometimes the things you don’t plan for are just as amazing as the things that you do. My one flippant act of my entire sexually active career just bit me in the ass and you know what, the bite tickles, it doesn’t hurt. And that is probably the best way that I can describe my state of being right now- tickled. My heart is tickled. I loved this baby the minute I saw the line and I can not wait to meet him or her in the middle of the summer. I think that Everly is going to be the best big sister ever- her little sibling is going to learn to be tough the hard way. I am so excited that our family is growing and just thinking of all the special moments that we have ahead of us makes me teary eyed. Okay being honest, I am actually crying right now and can’t really see the keyboard as well, hormones- gotta love them. Pregnant. One little word.

Being as happy and excited as I am, it was really hard to hold on to this news. But we waited until Christmas to tell our families. I had designed a calendar of Everly and on August 7 of each calendar we wrote Baby Bender-North #2 DUE!


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  1. I loved this post. Our babe was one of those heat-of-the-moment conceptions. I remember looking at the first response test (which I took at 10pm so it was pretty faint) thinking “I’m not sure that’s a line, it looks kind of like a dotted line and that can’t mean I’m pregnant if there is a dotted line.” Jon looked at it once and said “Yup, you’re preggers.” I took 4 more tests just in case.
    I’m really happy for you Jess! A little summer baby. I hope you have an amazing pregnancy. Congrats to you, Brandon and Everly.

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