When you are picking out a name for your child to be you automatically think of the nicknames that will be gleaned from it. We knew that Everly would likely get called Evie and Ev and we were okay with that, obviously; otherwise we would not have chosen her name! What you can’t guess is the nicknames that are created that actually have nothing to do with your child’s name at all. For example my dad called her “nater” for a while… this came from baby, which evolved to baby skates, which became skates, which then became skater and then skater-nater and then nater… you see what I mean. My sister was taco growing up and I was Fred. Yes, Fred. Often the nicknames we are given in childhood carry us through to adulthood, I still know of one girl that goes by her nickname to her entire family! But if you are lucky, and most of us are, they get tucked away into a memory chest to be brought out only on special occasions of reminiscing.

I had a great nickname when I was a baby; Baby Hogg… does it get any better than that?! Let me start by saying that I was a chunky little monkey and a teensy bit bossy boots McGee. So the name came from the “loveable” character Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazzard. The folklore is that it was lovingly given to me by my older cousin “Kojak” name given to him by my father. Now some people might be embarrassed by nickname such as baby hogg but oh my goodness I am not! Is it realistic to be embarrassed about being a bossy, chubby little baby? No, it’s not; I was a BABY and I knew how I liked things, lol! I grew out of the name with time and moved on to “messy Jessie,” but people in my family still called me baby hogg from time to time trying to tease me or ruffle my feathers, I assume that they were thinking that it would/should embarrass me, but it didn’t, sorry guys. Are all men born with the “Uncle to be gene” that enables them to mercilessly tease or were those just my uncles, lol.

When Everly was a little baby I flat out called her fatty. Yep, I did it, I called her fatty all the time. I also called her tank, and chunky monkey. Then for a time, um maybe quite a time, we called her baby. Now she refers to herself in the third person… “baby’s turn” “ baby do it” “baby go night, night.” And I call her things like lovey, and my love and honey of course. My favourite is when she calls me those things back. There is nothing like hearing your toddler say from her highchair, “more toast honey!” Will this nickname stick when the baby on the way arrives?

Do you call the second child the same nicknames? I imagine things like honey, baby, lovey and probably even fatty are transferable. Does it feel like cheating to call the second baby the same pet names?


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4 responses to “Nicknames

  1. Jennifer Bibb

    I know what you mean about nicknames Jess! When I was little, the nickname given to me by my Grandfather was Spike, and my older sister was Butch. And whenever we fought, he always would stop the fight by saying that he would go out and buy a Spiked Dog Collar for me and make me wear it everywhere! LOL! As I got older, my nickname just became Jennie, then moved on to Jennie Wennie Poo, (By my two weird sisters! LOL) 😉 Go figure why they came up with that version? But it has now stuck with me through the years since they started calling me that. It doesn’t bother me at all now, not like it did when I was a teenager, it has a very endearing quality to it.

    When I was pregnant with Ethan, he had a nickname pretty much from the get-go. It was “Little Peanut”, cause my first Ultrasound was when I was about 7-8 weeks so they could accurately date how far along I was. He looked like a little peanut and that nickname stuck with him until he was born. After his birth, it moved on to “Little Man”, as I was always told I dressed him like a little man and it stuck. Now that he’s getting older and bigger, I don’t call him “Little Man” as much as I call him, Buddy, Bubby, Nerd, Dude, Mommy’s Big Boy, Monster, Lil Monkey…ect. He doesn’t really have a Currrent Nickname that I call him constantly now, it’s always changing day to day.

  2. carrie

    i chose zoey because i love the name and you can’t shorten it to anything. and for some reason her nickname is boo or boo-boo
    and randomly i was visiting my dad and step mom and my dad called her the very same thing! i was in shock i dropped what i was doing ran into the living room and said did you just call her boo-boo?? he said well she looks like a boo-boo. lol
    and my nickname is carebear always has been always will be sometimes it is shortened to cb but still get called it all the time!

  3. Lori

    Mean spirited uncles eh! Yup I sure had one. He is the biggest sweetest softie of a man but chose to nickname me Dog Lips! Nice I know. It use to traumatize me as a child as I was self conscious of those ‘dog lips’ which referred to my chapped lips. I think if he had made fun of my attitude and not my appearance I would have been much more accepting! Now he still lovingly referrs to me as DL which I am perfectly ok with. I am ok with all of it now actually. Took me a while tho!

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