Expanding Slowly But Surely!

So I am slowly starting to expand. I might not actually look pregnant yet, but I sure feel pregnant! I am feeling the baby move and kick all the time. Last night it even kept me from going to sleep 🙂 I complained to my midwife that other women have bigger bumps than me already and I am sad about this. Ah I have always been that billy goat fond of the grass on the other side haven’t I, lol! My midwife said well usually the longer you take to show the faster you go back to normal after the baby is born. Apparenly it means I have strong abdominal muscles, so yeay to that I guess, lol. I might be cursing it now, but I have a sneaking suspicion that come August I will be happy that I am “different.”

A standing shot of me at 12 weeks on the RIGHT and now at 16 weeks on the LEFT.

Now a laying down shot. I took this one as I noticed last time that you could clearly see the bump better and this time that was the case too. Does anyone know why that is? On the LEFT is me at 12 weeks, the RIGHT is me now at 16 weeks.

This one compares my two pregnancies. On the LEFT is me at 16 weeks pregnant with my daughter Everly, the RIGHT is me at 16 weeks now with this pregnancy. The really weird thing is that I felt like I was bigger at 16 weeks with this pregnancy, but you can clearly see that I was bigger in my last one at this time.

So what accounts for this difference? I always hear that a second time mom pops out faster with her second baby… I am thinking the difference I see is because when I got pregnant with this baby I weighed 40 pounds less than I did when I got pregnant with Everly. Right now, even after gaining 10 pounds so far, I still weigh 30 pounds less than I did pre-pregnancy with Everly. I am guessing that it is typically more common for a second time mom to be carrying a little bit more weight with her second baby and so she shows faster? I don’t know. It’s kind of like I have the reverse of that, lol. My midwife said to be happy about it as it likely means that I will go back to my “normal” tummy faster and to take it as a sign that I have good abdominal muscles. So I guess this is a good thing and I will be thanking my lucky stars after I have the baby as it will still be bikini season 🙂


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