Vaginas are Tough

The other night, while B and I were watching television he made a comment that a character must have had a vagina. It was a male character and he was trying to insinuate that he was weak. HOLD IT. I immediately felt my pregnant lady temper flare, oh did it flare; the Russian space station would have seen this flare. I said in a very restrained and attempting to be calm voice… I resent you insinuating that character is weak by saying that he has a vagina. Where did the conception that vaginas are weak come from? I said to him- VAGINAS ARE TOUGH. I said to him that my vagina was 10 times tougher than his penis. He said oh. I said yes, my vagina has birthed a BABY, what has your penis ever done?

I told him that if any organ is weak it is a penis; penises are weak. They hang there all vulnerable and don’t really do anything. They can’t get too cold or they run away and hide and if they get too hot the sperm can be affected. Also- you can cut it off quite easily and it gets caught in stuff. So which organ is the weak one? Just try to cut a vagina off, you can’t because a vagina is smart like a fox, it hides. It hides so that it can do its job. Heat and cold do not affect the vagina either. A woman’s body is actually so efficient that we are less likely to lose our lives when exposed to extreme temps as our bodies are programmed to keep our core as even as it can just in case there is a little baby in there.

Vaginas are resilient too… after it gets stretched to all ends of the earth it goes back to normal; resilience is a huge measure of toughness. You can break a penis, we all saw it happen on Grey’s Anatomy; you can not break a vagina. Although after feeling the recovery of birth I seriously thought mine might be broken.

Then he says, well maybe it’s what a vagina is connected to that makes people associate it with weakness. REALLY? You want to go there too? Didn’t we just talk about how a vagina births a baby? That’s right we did, it’s the vagina that is attached to a woman. If it were up to men to have babies we would not have very many people on this earth. Men would not be able to handle morning sickness and sore boobs and back pain and all the other lovelies in addition to actual child birth. Men fall on their knees and call their moms when they have the flu. True fact.

I hate to be just as biased as B was and say that women are stronger and men are weaker, I don’t want to be like that. I would like to say that men and women are both strong in their own way and that together we create the ultimate strength, like the Justice League of America. But if it came down to it and I had to pick which gender was tougher, I would choose females.



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7 responses to “Vaginas are Tough

  1. Ha! I agree with you completely! I think most men wouldn’t make it as women for longer than a week.

  2. Stephanie

    Well said Ms. Jessica, well said!! I think this is one of my favorites…and yes it is a true fact…men run to their mommies when they are sick!! haha

  3. Brad

    R U sure that a penis can break LOL it has not bone in it.

  4. Cindy Nevele

    Right on Jessica! I have direct evidence that the vagina is tougher than the penis. My good friend was having sex with her on top with her now ex when he slipped out, she came back down his penis hitting the outside of her vagina (but not going back in) causing his erect penis to buckle and fracture.
    So vagina’s are lots tougher than penises hehe
    Love you blog, keep up the good work, kisses and hugs Cindy

  5. Kelly

    Props to your article Jess!
    Did you know that penis fracture was in the news today on mirror UK especially from woman on top sex. Also someone pointed out there is a gif of a penis fracture if you google “gif penis fracture”…. a little TMI but you can see how easily it could happen!

  6. Carly Garnham

    OMG OMG!! Sorry men but I could not stop laughing when I read through the blog and the comments. Jessica have you looked at the gif the Kelly posted up? I looked it up when some girlfirends came over and we all crossed our legs and thanked our lucky stars we have genitals that don’t break during fun times!

  7. Katie Meddings

    Brad, you are wrong a penis can break! I know first hand because I did it to an ex boyfriend when we were playing around before he even got in!
    He wanted shower sex and was lying on the shower floor and told me to lower myself onto him. With all the soap etc I was standing over him and slipped onto his fully hard penis. His penis made a loud pop sound as it fractured, blood also came out of the tip as his urethra was torn as can happen in severe cases of penile fracture. We had to get to hospital as fast as possible so they could repair it. Took 3 months before he could use it again for sex. That gif of the penis fracture sent shivers up my spine as I am still traumatised by the incident I had. I know now to handle penises with lots of care.

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