Gender, Gender, Gender???

We will find out the gender of our baby on April 3, 2011. That is exactly one month away as of today. To make the countdown fun I have decided to dedicate each day to at least one old wives tale method of determining gender!

Today I am going to do the cabbage test, and here’s how it’s done!

1)      Go to your local grocery store and buy a small red cabbage. Now I have never bought a red cabbage before so I am glad that the sign on the produce shelf said red cabbage underneath what looked like a purple cabbage to me. Without this sign I would have been the idiot who asked a produce employee where the red cabbage was and then probably would have said, um, this is purple. So why is the purple cabbage called red cabbage?

2)      Cut the cabbage up into little pieces and add it to a pot of boiling water. Continue to boil cabbage pieces in the water on high for 3 minutes. Having never bought a cabbage before, I had never cut a cabbage before and those things are tough. TOUGH. I was whacking the crap out of it on my lunch break at work, trying to saw off a chunk. Then once said chunk was liberated I had a heck of a time slicing it up into smaller pieces. I think the knives at work are not that great either, so that probably didn’t help. Oh and cabbage stinks, especially when it is boiling on a pot on the stove. Just an FYI, my ninja nose was highly insulted.

3)      Remove the cabbage from the pot and pour some of the liquid into a heat safe container. I suggest putting the boiled cabbage into a separate bag so that it doesn’t stink up your house in your common kitchen garbage, because it will.

4)      Pee into a cup that you don’t mind throwing away. Most of us would not want to pee into something that we plan to actually drink or eat out of again, but if you are comfortable with that I guess you can if you want.

5)      Find a clear container that you are comfortable pouring pee into and mix an equal part of your pee with an equal part of cabbage water.

6)      If the cabbage water turns pink, you are having a boy… if it goes purple, you are having a girl.

Here was my result—> GIRL

A friend of mine also did this test and she knows she is having a boy (confirmed with a 3D ultrasound, I saw the shot of the goods myself). Her result —> GIRL

Now her theory is that the amount of sugars you consume affects the PH level of your pee. So this test itself just might be based on another old wives tale- those who crave sweets are having a girl and those who crave savory are having a boy. So by this wives tale I am having a GIRL. But then so would my friend and she knows baby is a boy! I think all this tells us is what my friend deducted… we eat a lot of sugar.

I threw this cabbage mixture out right away, to me it looks like purple Kool Aid and I didn’t want to risk it being enjoyed by someone expecting grape goodness- OH YEAH!

Enter your guess for what you think our baby will be: HERE!



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2 responses to “Gender, Gender, Gender???

  1. Stephanie

    So I just did it too Jess, becuase you totally got my curiosity going…GIRL! But my theory here is that the cabbage juice is soooo purple that I don’t think anything will change the color of it…even my pee!! haha

  2. Marlene

    I would have left it in the fridge for someone I really dislike.

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