Ancient Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

The ancient Chinese gender prediction chart, was found long ago in a tomb (according to legend). It apparently has the power to  predict the gender of an unborn child based on the mothers age at conception and the month in which conception occurred. A few sources that came up during my research boasted that there are a few studies that have been done with Birth Boards and the rate of a positive gender ID is actually quite high.

My result is listed below…

So I was curious to see what it would say about my first pregnancy, because, well I know how that one turned out. And this is what it said…

Well it was right with Everly… So I wanted to take it a step further again and do my own birth, but the youngest they allow for the mother’s age is 18; WTF is that about ancient gender prediction chart? Women younger than 18 do get pregnant, haven’t you seen MTV? Isn’t this a little bit ageist. Oh and let’s just think about this for a minute because in Ancient China weren’t women having babies when they were like 13-15 sort of range because life expectancy was so much shorter… so was it The Bump that made this call… hmmmmm? Further help via Google revealed that all of the Ancient Chinese Gender Prediction charts start at 18. I am in NO WAY advocating teen pregnancy, but once the deed is done it’s done and they are mothers so they deserve to do fun things like this too, goodness knows they will have enough struggle to face.


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  1. Destiny

    I totally agree with you, I’m 16 and while I’m not suggesting that teen pregnancy is a good thing, we are mothers too. I couldn’t find one that was lower than the age of 18.

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