The Sound Of Your Heartbeat

Another common old wives tale for determining gender is the speed at which the baby’s heart is beating. A heart rate of 140 and above is thought to be a GIRL and a heart rate of 140 and below is thought to be a BOY.

According to Canadian Living, one study supports this myth. Done by the University of Kentucky in 1993, it determined that heart rate could predict the sex 91 percent of the time in boys and 74 percent of the time in girls. However, every study done before and after this one has come to the opposite conclusion: heart rate cannot predict the sex of  your unborn baby. Everything that I can find says that if a heart rate can hint at gender it isn’t until birth; a girl’s heart rate will increase considerably compared with boys during labor.

So by this my result is —> GIRL

This baby’s heart rate has been between 160 and 170 the two times that I have heard it at my midwife’s office. Everly’s heart rate was the same. Here is a video of this baby’s heart rate at 12 weeks, 3 days.

If you are wondering why girls are the higher heart rate and boys are the lower… it is because adult women typically have a higher resting heart rate than adult men. I have a significantly lower resting heart rate than Brandon, and lower blood pressure. He’s an athlete, I SO, SO, SO am not! So genetics also play a role. Just some beats for thought.


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  1. April’s heartbeat was about 160 bpm so I guess that worked for us and the Chinese Gender Chart predicted she would be a girl. So I guess you never know with these things. (I still think you are having a girl).

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