Gender And Barf.

I am sure that all of us who have suffered from morning and morning/noon/night sickness have heard the old wives tale that a bad case of morning sickness means you are having a girl, and no morning sickness means you are having a boy. People give you reasons like… girls cause your body to have more Estrogen, and girls steal their mother’s beauty. But is there actually any scientific theory behind this?

What I found is that theories such as this one have been around for years and years and years, but up until recently there was little to no scientific proof that it was correct. A new study done by Swedish researchers discovered that 56% of women hospitalized with severe morning sickness ended up giving birth to female babies. But that’s only a difference of 6% from the odds that you have going into the pregnancy. So I guess one could conclude that if you have morning sickness really bad, you have a slightly higher chance of being pregnant with a baby girl.

Morning sickness affects 80% of pregnant women. So what actually causes it? Scientists have a few different theories. One is hormones (of course); Estrogen and Progesterone are blamed as they always are. The scientists behind this theory believe that if the pregnant woman’s body made a high level of Estrogen before she became pregnant, the increase in Estrogen that pregnancy brings will cause morning sickness. It’s the same with the Progesterone. Usually women don’t have very much of this and with pregnancy it increases dramatically, so it brings on a bad case of the barfies.

Some believe that morning sickness is a woman’s allergic response to the growing baby. Medications such as the lovely Diclectin support this belief as they are made of a mixture of antihistamine and B vitamins. Oh and Diclectin representatives have renamed morning sickness to NVP (Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy)… did they read my post about morning sickness needing a new name? FINALLY someone gets it right. From now of it’s NVP all the way.

With Everly I started puking morning, noon and night at 8 weeks. Around 14 weeks I started taking four Diclectin each day. With this baby it started at 5 weeks and I take 8 Diclectin each day. It’s safe to say that NVP has been worse with this pregnancy. So I guess I am that 6% that is more likely to have a girl, lol.


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2 responses to “Gender And Barf.

  1. jessica

    You said the ‘wives tale’ says that if you have bright yellow pee and it is a girl, and if you have pale yellow pee that it is a girl. 1) What if you pee and it is clear (I have had that happen to me a few times). 2) what if the colour of your pee varies, such as being REALLY bright one day, and significantly duller the next? Also, what happens if you use several of these ‘wives tales’ and the results conflict (particularly regarding the ones where you said there was scientific data to back them up)?

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