Ring Dangle

I did the ring and string test today. And the result was that it swung back and forth like a pendulum, which according to the friend holding the sting and ring means à GIRL.

In my research of this super old gender prediction method, (and I use the last phrase loosely) I learned that it originated in Hungary. Basically you put your wedding band on a string and have someone hold it over your belly. The ring will then swing in a certain direction and that direction determines the gender of your baby.

Now the tricky part of this test is that I could find no ultimate decree as to which direction determines which gender. Some sites say back and forth swinging is a girl, while others say boy. Some sites say that circular motion means girl, while others say boy. You will also get mixed responses depending on who you ask as to what means what. Hmmm. And how does this test actually work?

Well, it’s all in the head of the ring and string holder. Micro-muscle tremors that you have no control over cause the ring to move in a particular direction, kind of like the Ouija board. It’s kind X-Files material isn’t it. X-Files or not, it won’t tell you the gender of your baby.

One site that I came across suggested testing your ring and string holder for accuracy by getting them to hold the ring and string over the mother’s chest, which would likely be a girl result and then over the father’s chest, which would likely be a boy result. I haven’t had the chance to test this one.

I took off a long weekend from blogging gender prediction to celebrate my 29th birthday. I wasn’t expecting much out of this birthday. 29 isn’t really an age to get excited about. I have also had a different appreciation for my birthday since I had Everly. I realize now what a mother goes through to bring you into this world. Last year on my birthday I really thought a lot about my mom and how scared she must have been at 17 to be giving birth. I was scared of going to school without make up when I was 17! This year I thought about her again. Your birthday is strangely altered when your mom is no longer in the world. The person that brought you here is gone. It’s almost like a piece of your existence has been chipped away. There are so many things I still would have loved to ask her about my birth and my sister’s birth. It was only recently that she was out of the fog of her addictions and involved in my life, so I never got the chance that most daughters do. I feel a profound sense of loss.


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