Hair Growth

This one is a fun one… Leg hair growth. Apparently faster growth than your normal rate means you are having a boy and slower than normal or normal rate of growth means you are having a girl. The thought behind this is more testosterone goes along with having a boy and more testosterone causes hair to grow faster and more plentiful (yeay!). By this wives tale I am having a –> GIRL. But then Everly should have been a BOY.

I remember back when I was about 4 or so months with Everly. I noticed a dark hair on my big toe. WTF? I was in the bathtub and shaving my legs. I pulled my toe as close to my face as I could and examined this nasty little pest. In the process of doing this I noticed some dark patches of hair on my ankles and calves. What the hell was going on? I started to cry. Brandon came in to ask if everything was okay. I said no, it’s not, I am not a harry person, I am not a harry person, there is hair on my toe and on my ankles and it’s DARK!!!

He looked baffled. And by all rights he should have been. Up until this point in my life I had only had blond hair on my legs. I was so lucky that I could get away with shaving once a week and that’s it! Well the lucky winning streak had come to an end. Where was Charlie Sheen when I needed him? I thought that pregnancy was a time in my life when I would feel my most womanly, my most ladylike. I didn’t think I would turn into a freaking LOGGER!


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