The Girls

The girls. The girls are the second or third most abused body part in pregnancy, child birth and motherhood (behind the uterus, and va-jay-jay). One old wives tale tells us that if we get blessed with an overnight boob inflation we are carrying a girl child in our bellies, and if we are slower to have our cup runith over we are carrying a boy. Well sign me up for another GIRL because my boobs definitely grew overnight. I went from a 32F to a 32I within a week or so, yes that’s 3 cup sizes. I know that 32F sounds like an obscene bra size but it’s really the same as a 36D to DD. I just have smaller ribs and fuller cups. I was happy to have the girls come back firm and perky, I missed them. I experienced the same thing with Everly, although with her I was a 34J, those were some pretty obscene boobs.


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