Pizza Face

The old wives tale of the day has brought me to zits. Mmmm, yummy juicy zits. You know the fun ones with a big puss filled head and when you pop it the puss squirts onto the mirror… oh was that just me? AWKWARD. Why is it so damn satisyfing to pop them? You are left with a red, bleeding volcano of ugly… annnnnd if you are lucky you get a bruise too. Anyway, the belief is that the more of these nasty bastards that you have the more likely you are to be carrying a girl. If your face is free of unsightly blemishes, you are supposed to be having a boy.

According to this tale I am having a —> BOY. I had lots of pimples when I was pregnant with Everly. I even got the most awesome breakout on my back the week after she was born. What a lovely pushing present from mother nature! I nearly blow out my vagina and then I get bacne. I love being a girl sometimes.

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One response to “Pizza Face

  1. Carrie

    This one totally happened to me with Z I got the dreaded bacne!

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