Let Me See Your Pee

Okay so more looking at pee today, but no mixing it with anything! This old saying says that if your pee is a dull yellow you are having a girl, if you have bright yellow urine you are having a boy. By this tale I am having a —> BOY. And you know of course there has to be a lot of science behind this one right? Yeah, nope. I could not find any information as to where this belief came from and why each colour means what it does. There is zero science behind it. Although there is science behind the colour of your pee.

Being hydrated or not will affect the colour of your pee, if you don’t drink enough water you will have the bright yellow pee. So watch for this if you are pregnant or not, you actually want near colourless pee… that means you are hydrated! This is of course is not taking into account any medication that you might be on…

Also turns out that prenatal vitamins can cause the colour of your pee to change. B vitamins cause your pee to turn a fluorescent yellow colour. So nearly every pregnant lady will have bright yellow urine after she takes her vitamins. I am also on the maximum dosage of Diclectin which is partially made of B vitamins, so that explains that.

The chart below shows the variation in urine colour… The top 3 are considered to be healthy hydration, the middle and bottom ones may indicate dehydration or medication influence. You know if your pee is the green colour there are some serious issues.


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