Maternal Age

Finally, we may have found something that has actual scientific data to back it up. This theory says that mothers aged 35 to 49 years old are more likely to have a girl baby and mothers aged 16 to 34 years old are more likely to have a boy baby. By this theory I am having a —> BOY. By this theory Everly should have been a boy, and that she was not!

When I researched this I got back a ton of information. This Article was the most interesting and gave the most in-depth discussion. Basically the researchers said that girl babies are more likely to be born to the older group of mothers because female fetuses are more viable. They said that male fetuses were more likely to be lost though early miscarriage or aborted due to extensive genetic conditions. They also said that in cases of preterm labour male fetuses were more likely to be stillborn and less likely to survive as extreme preemies. So it’s not that more pregnancies start off as females, it’s that the large majority of successful full term pregnancies are females babies.

So why does it appear that females are tougher fetuses (other than the obvious feminist answer that they are female and we are just tougher in general, lol). Numerous research studies have found that male fetuses have higher mortality rates, more neonatal disorders, more genetic conditions, diseases and abnormalities… but why? Recent research blames it on the fragile Y chromosome. Girls have XX, boys are XY. The extra X has been proven to offer safety for sex linked diseases and disorders and is now believed to provide safety for many more. Evolutionary theorists say that it’s because more women are needed than men for the species to survive so they are designed to be more sturdy. Interesting isn’t it!


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