Cold Feet!

Today’s old wives tale tells us that if your feet are colder than they were before pregnancy you are having a boy, if there is no change or your feet are warmer, you are having a girl. So I am not sure where this comes from or why boy is cold feet and girl is hot feet… But I did learn that women are more likely than men to have cold feet in general.

Women on average have a body temperature that is one to two degrees lower than a man’s. Also, more women tend to have low iron and cold hands and feet are one sign of iron deficiency. So from this information I have deducted two theories:

1)      If you had low iron before being pregnant and it was discovered in pregnancy and now you take supplements your feet should, in theory, get warmer as your iron levels increase.

2)      If you don’t know you have low iron and pregnancy further exasperates your low iron status your feet would get colder right?

So according to this tale I should be carrying a –> GIRL. My feet are not nearly as cold as they were!


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  1. shelley sampson

    I enjoy reading your blogs Jessica. I have been following these old wives tales and if they are true, I will be having a girl. I think almost every test has leaned towards a girl. It will be interesting to see.

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