Show Me The Money

Mothers who are rich are more likely to have boy babies than girl babies. It is a scientific fact apparently.

“According to evolutionary theory, when conditions are good, and babies are likely to be healthy, a mother’s best chance of passing on her genes to another generation is to have boys. Fit, healthy boys will see off rivals and can potentially father hundreds of children, ensuring the survival of the family line. But if a mother is unfit or malnourished, a baby boy is a poor investment. A weak, sickly male is unlikely to beat off competition from other males and may not become a father or even survive. In these circumstances it makes more evolutionary sense to have a girl who does not face competition to become pregnant to continue the family line.” Daily Mail. Read this article- it’s super interesting!!!

So what if you are in the middle income bracket; not rich, but not living in poverty either. Does that take your odds to 50/50. The research linked low income with more stress and life struggles in general, which might tie into the research from yesterday that suggested females are more viable fetuses. Maybe it’s the stress of the lower income that actually causes the trend.

I am going to go with GIRL for this one. Partly because I have $30,000 worth of student and consumer debt and partly because I experienced a lot of stress and physical illness in late 2010 and early 2011.

And now a picture of a cake with candles. Everly is obsessed with cake with candles since my birthday… who can blame her?


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