Daddy’s Got Back

And the most lovely old wives tale of all, one that involves the father! This one claims that if you are expecting a baby girl the father of the baby will see no difference in his weight throughout the pregnancy, but if you are expecting a boy, he will pack on the pounds along with you!

The thought behind this is that boys eat more and so if a mother is pregnant with a baby boy she will be triggered to eat more and so there will be more tempting food laying around the house for the dad to snack on as well.

Well okay. That kind of makes sense. It makes sense too when you add in the old wives tale about cravings and gender. Odds are that if you are craving savory things like meats, cheeses and chips (boy) you are going to gain more weight than if you are craving sweets and fruit (girl).

According to this old wives tale we are having a –> BOY. B has packed on the pounds right along with me. We are both at 20 pounds gained. Argh! And he does blame food laying around. I may crave things, but I can usually only eat a little bit. I have never had a huge appetite. B on the other hand has a manly, man appetite so he can eat his share and then mine left over. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance!


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