I fell into a trap, a money trap! I asked some coworkers to pick up an Intelligender kit for me on their recent trip to Tacoma. $30.00 this little kit cost me! And all for a guess at the gender of our baby. The company that makes this test claims that it is scientifically tested and they even have a laboratory! Wow! A real laboratory! But nowhere can you find the accuracy results. Hmmmm. But it’s all in good fun anyway right?!

The test comes in a little box that contains a pee collecting cup, a syringe for pulling the urine and the little plastic container that contains the gender predicting magic that is Intelligender. The instructions are very specific, you must follow them to an exact “T” otherwise you compromise your results. Remember friends, this is a scientific test.

After you pee in the cup, you draw the pee into the syringe and then plug the syringe into the special hole in the result container and you swirl the pee for 10 seconds- SWIRL, don’t shake! Then you place the test on a white piece of paper and wait 5 minutes. You are not allowed to touch the test in this 5 minutes, touching the test can tamper with your results. The reason for the white paper? So that you can clearly see your result with out having to move the test. Soooo scientific!

So I did the test during my morning break at work. April set her watch for 5 minutes and we sat and watched. The colour was changing quickly and it looked like pop bubbles in there… According to this test we are having a –> BOY. See picture below. This is a very undeniable boy result, lol!


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