I am starting to question B’s mortality status these last few days. I feel like I have the superhuman New Moon baby in my belly; this little bug is strong.

I have felt movement earlier with this pregnancy, which is normal for a second pregnancy, but I have also seen movement earlier too. These past few days I have watched my belly rise and fall with kicks and can tell if the baby is on a particular side. I don’t remember experiencing these things this early with Everly.

It is quite entertaining to lay here on a deck chair and watch the gymnastics from the outside as I feel them on the inside. I think baby likes the beach 🙂


The belly looks a lot bigger from this angle doesn’t it, lol! I asked B this morning of I looked pregnant in my bathing suit or just fat… He said that you could definitely tell I am pregnant. I said you have to say this because you are stuck with me for the next six days, lol.


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