Make Up?

Today’s old wives tale tells us that if we continue to paint our faces with make up while pregnant we are definitely having a girl. If we pack away the powder and the brushes we are having a boy.

What if you didn’t wear make up before you got pregnant? Before I got pregnant with Everly I wore make up all the time, now it is a very rare occasion that I put it on. By this wives tale Everly should have been a boy and I should be having another boy! How much of a percentage does laziness account for?

I remember the days before I had babies and I would see moms and think, why don’t they take better care of themselves? Why can’t they put on make up or fix their hair. Now I don’t skip about town like a slob in a tracksuit, but I am by no means my pre children decked out self. I get it now. It’s not that most moms don’t care, it’s just that they care more about other things.

Now I don’t see this as an excuse to let yourself go to shit, because it isn’t. Wearing less make up, putting your hair in a perky ponytail and having no more dry clean only clothes is one thing. Leaving the house with dirty hair, pajama pants, crocs and a nasty ass t-shirt and then saying it’s because you’re a mom, is another.


Let this glamour inspire you for your next date night!


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