Here is one that every pregnant mother is sure to love… If you are pregnant with a baby girl your legs will remain sleek and trim throughout your pregnancy, if you are pregnant with a baby boy your legs will swell up with fat and fluid and cankles will become your new nickname!

Oh goodness, I just don’t know where to start with this, lol! I guess this one ties in with the belief that women gain more with male pregnancies, obviously the more you gain the more it will affect the rest of your body and that undoubtedly includes your legs.

I brought my maternity album into work a few weeks ago to show a coworker who was not with us when I was pregnant with Everly. She looked down at the photos and could not hide the shock in her voice… THIS is you she stammered. She then said, no offense Jess but your legs look like those tree trunks in the photo. Yeah. When someone starts a sentence with “no offense” you know it is going to be a good one. I forgave her quickly when she told me she reached nearly 300 pounds with her last pregnancy. And in her defense, when she started with us I weighed 40 pounds less that I did BEFORE I got pregnant with Everly, so in the photo we were looking at I weighed about 50 to 60 pounds MORE than I did in that moment standing beside her. I shrugged and said, I told you I used to be fat Amy… And we started to laugh.

So I guess, going by her observation of my maternity photo with Everly I should have had a boy. And this beyond the shadow if a doubt means that this time baby should be a BOY too. Ugh, my thighs are now touching when I stand, which means they have definitely increased in girth along with the rest if me.

GIRTHing… the process by which a pregnant woman gains weight… Almost as foul and fun as birthing, lol.


And again a simple Google image search teaches me that things could always be much, much worse. Do you think this photo is real?


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