How High?

If you have ever been pregnant before you know that people always guess the gender based on how you are carrying. It is thought that boys are carried high and girls more low. This old wives tale goes back to the 1200’s in Europe if you can imagine! It was thought that boys are carried up high and in front so that they can see the world they are going to take on one day. Girls were carried low and wide for protection from the big bad world. This generation of folk obviously had no idea that female fetuses are actually hardier!

I carried Everly very high. Everyone that didn’t know her gender always guessed boy: now that must be a boy in there you are so high, Ahhhhh a baby boy for sure in there as you can’t tell you are pregnant from behind… I heard this so many times and it always brought me great pleasure to say, actually no, this baby is a girl!

As for this pregnancy it is hard to say because I have *just* begun to actually show now at 21 weeks. My midwife says that my uterus is high though so maybe I am carrying high again, so in that case this baby would be a BOY just like Everly was… Oh that’s right, she’s a girl.

But there may be some truth to this tale after all, maybe how you carry determines personality? Everly was up high and posterior (meaning she faced outward instead of inward as is more typical). A wise elder that I work with told me that I was having a busy body baby “like her mother.” He said she wants to see what is going on all the time. She definitely arrived ready to take on the world and continues to display the tendencies of a world ruler, lol. Look out planet Earth!


My 36 week belly with Everly! Photographed by the lovely Kim Spears of Kim Kalyn Photography.


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