Boy or Girl

Finally the day came to find out if our baby is a boy or a girl! We were excited as we made our way to the ultrasound clinic. I hopped up on the table and the three is us stared at the big screen tv that was going to show us our baby. A flicker of an image came on the screen and then magically, there was baby’s profile! We directed Everly’s attention to the screen and said look, baby. She looked with interest, turning her head to the side. We saw the baby’s little face in 3D and it looks like this baby has the same nose as Evie so far 🙂


And then we went in search of the goods! The technician told us the screen was now displaying a between the legs shot, we started to laugh as we looked at the screen. The technician asked if we wanted to make a guess… This is what we saw…


Can you guess? Well it’s either a girl with 3 legs or a BOY! Yes, it’s confirmed, our baby is a little BOY! We were both pretty shocked as we were “certain” this baby was going to be a girl. We couldn’t stop laughing. We are feeling very lucky to be blessed with not only two healthy babies, but one of each gender!

After the appointment I immediately headed to BabyGap and I bought a bag full of things. I had 5 months of repressed shopping to make up for, lol! This is one little outfit I picked up, I think it will be perfect for our first family photos.


And then we had to wait a whole day before telling anyone! Sunday evening we had family and close friends over for a Chinese Food dinner. The food was yummy and the company was great, but there was an underlying buzz of dissatisfaction and we were asked when, when, when! After dinner I handed out fortune cookies. It is my family’s tradition to wait to open them together so I asked everyone to wait…


And then the time came to open!


So many people were shocked! Boy was definitely the long shot of our baby pool! There were whoops and hurrays and hugs all around, it was such an amazing moment!

So now I need to go back through these posts and see which prediction methods were right!



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3 responses to “Boy or Girl

  1. Wow, Congrats on your little boy! I can’t believe I got it wrong, that’s the first time ever! So excited for you 🙂

  2. Auntie Sharon

    Big congrats Jess! So sorry I couldn’t be there for the excitement – I sure wish I had been! Hugs and kisses – XOXOXO

  3. Congratulations!! What a cute way to tell your family too!

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