Choosing a name for your baby is probably the most daunting part of becoming a parent for some people, for others it is easy as pie. I am fortunate to be able to say that Brandon and I fall into the easy as pie group!!

When we found out we were pregnant again we started talking about names right away. Fortunately we still liked one of our boy names from our pregnancy with Everly and I had found a new girl’s name just one month before when I wasn’t even pregnant, lol. So here they are…

If baby was a girl, her name would have been:

Elouise Joy Bender-North

Elouise came from a book that I was reading, and I just liked it. Then I Googled it and found out that there is a children’s book character called Elouise and she lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. New York City is the home of my heart, so this just was meant to be I figured! Joy came from my mom and the events surrounding her death. At the time of my mom’s death, people said that we were so fortunate to be expecting joy later this year and that the baby would bring joy to our family during such a dad time. My mom’s middle name was Joyce… Joy made sense. And of course our last names, those are a given.

And if baby was a boy, which he IS! the name is:

Matthew Timothy Roland Bender-North

Besides just genuinely liking the name Matthew, it happens to be the name of one of my cousins who I grew up close to and remain close to, we were actually born only 3 days apart! My cousin Matthew and my husband Brandon just happened to be best friends since Elementary School and Matt actually introduced Brandon and I in grade 7! Timothy is my dad’s name, that’s an obvious choice! Roland is Brandon’s dad’s name and also Brandon’s middle name, so another very obvious choice there too! An of course our last names again.

For those wondering… Everly’s full name is Everly Debra Louise Bender-North. Everly was derived from my mom’s name which was Beverly. Debra is Brandon’s mom’s name (in addition to two of my Aunts and a cousin). Louise is my middle name as well as one of my Aunt’s middle name). And then those last names again.

We asked my cousin Matthew if he was okay with us using his name and he said YES right away! He was touched and very excited. Well so are we and we can’t wait to meet little Matty!

Oh and speaking of the nickname Matty… Madison is my niece who is loosely responsible for this pregnancy, so it seems only fair that her name be in there too! Her nickname is Maddie πŸ™‚

So both kids will have our parents names and our middle names in their own names, which was important to us. We wanted our kids to have strong, independent names that were unique but traditional. And although they will legally have hyphenated last names, socially they will go by just North.

And there you have it!




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2 responses to “Names!

  1. Auntie Sharon

    Beautiful Jess. I love the care and thought you both put into the decision. XOXO

  2. Great name! I love that their is significance behind each one. We chose ours just because we liked it. πŸ™‚

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